Past Life Healing

Past Life Healing Sessions Can Help You Achieve The Following Goals:
Stop Destructive Cycles of Behavior
Physical Healing
Emotional Healing
Spiritual Healing
Reduce Unexplained Pain
Reduce Fears
Clarifying Core Values
Recognizing People
Improve Relationships
Understanding Your Life Purpose
And Much, Much More

Past Life Healing Sessions are used for self-discovery and healing.  We pursue past life memories in order to put present life experiences, relationships, personality and character into the full context within the full progression of the soul.

Sometimes by understanding the journey your soul has made, you can help yourself heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Reincarnation and past lives beliefs are not new and have persisted throughout history.  Understanding your past life experiences can lead you to a greater understanding of your character strengths, weaknesses, patterns of behavior, life purpose and enable you to experience the joy that you are meant to have.

Past Life Healing Session

Fee:  $200.00