Stop Smoking


****It's Not Your Fault Being A SMOKER****

It's Because Of The Powerful Addictive Subconscious Processes


The Dragon of Smoking Addiction digs its claws into your skin and bites deeply into the center core of your subconscious mind. It ruthlessly fights tooth and nail, and refuses to let go of you.  

The addiction tells you in so many ways that you can never quit smoking. It possesses you, enslaves you, plays games with you, hurts you, tempts you and makes you suffer with withdrawals from the nicotine. It plays tricks with your mind. It uses all of the dirty tricks in the book.  

The dragon makes your skin crawl when you do not have a cigarette; accentuates stress and nervousness with its merry-go-round of feelings of necessity; creates headaches; makes you cranky and often intolerable; just plain crummy.  

Addicts do not scare easily as they look the Dragon in the eye every day, and still continue the unwanted behavior.

Smoking, purely and simply, is an addiction!


We humans are one 'giant memory' who act and react according to 'triggers'.  

As Dr. Bruce Lipton, the eminent cell biologist, has said, "the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and controls 99% of our life's actions"!  

The technique of administering an imaginary smoking vaccination not only programs the subconscious to send messages throughout a person's being that there is some sort of vaccine permeating their body and mind to eliminate urges, cravings, needs, and desires to smoke, but also to alleviate and eliminate nicotine withdrawals.  

The technique instills the vaccination trigger' and also the 'dragon trigger' to fortify and make permanent the abstinence from smoking.  

Isn't 'permanence' what the smokers are seeking?

Each client receives a free set of 2 powerful CD's which fortify the hypnotic experience:
• Self-Hypnosis
• Stress Protection Mirror

Each client also receives free
• Affirmations & Forms To Fortify Freedom From Smoking

Stop Smoking 
Three Sessions Total Fee: $400.00

Central Jersey Hypnosis Licensed Program - NO SMOKE POKE

Central Jersey Hypnosis Licensed Program - NO SMOKE POKE



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